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  • Getting recruitment assignment from client:

    Client upon signing the agreement will share with us the exact (By phone or by Email) Job Description & specification, the Salary Structure, Number of candidates required and Other Terms and Conditions of Employment Etc.

  • Analysis of Positions and Requirements:

    After getting an assignment, we assess the requirement of the client to understand the essential set of competencies matching the Organization conduct which leads to identification of a professional with the right experience (a.k.a. prospective candidate) Our well defined approach enables us to understand the needs of both i.e., company and candidate, which helps us in devising a search strategy which targets on specific skills, knowledge, education, personality and experience necessary in a candidate to work in our client’s organization.

  • Searching:

    We perform rigorous research on company and candidate to identify key competencies like Job title, Key result areas, compensation package, location and all necessary details. Following which, a comprehensive and detailed list of qualified candidates is devised. The end result being, identification of the best fit candidate for that particular requirement.

  • Screening & evolution of the Candidate:

    During the search, we talk with the candidate by phone (if Possible arrange personnel meeting) first we provide him / her with a brief job profile. After this, we gather and verify candidate details with his current resume. We evaluate the candidate based on the requirement intimated by client. We choose the best candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications and is/her ability to fit into work culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are contacted and interviews are conducted to find out their reliability, their seriousness towards the job, interests and suitability.

  • Submitting Resumes to the client:

    After careful consideration, we forward a complete set of C.Vs/ Resume to the clients for review & evaluation.

  • Line up interview & Confirmation by candidate:

    We request the client to send us the names of short listed candidates. Following which we will coordinate and line the candidate for the interview.

  • Confirmation of candidate:

    We keep in touch with the candidate for attending the scheduled interview. We also update our client regarding the availability of the candidate 2 hrs prior to the interview.

  • Selected candidate and follow up:

    We help our clients by actively participating in negotiation process including compensation and perks. We keep close contact with the candidate till he or she joins the company and maintain constant touch with client as well as candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate into the organization. In short we select those candidates,who fit well in company's plan


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